The Institute of Loghatnameh Dehkhoda & International Center for Persian Studies


The largest Persian encyclopedia had been codified and written by the late Ali Akbar Dehkhoda during forty years. Loghatnameh Dehkhoda has about 200,000 entries, being supported by various defining examples and application notes. The examples show the etymology of words and the changes have been occurred about them. This collection also contains about 200,000 of geographical and historical names. 

This Institute has been overlooking the process of publishing the Large Dehkhoda Encyclopedia since 1957. It was under the control of Iranian National Parliament. FLH has published this precious work in 222 volumes including about 27000 pages.  Another encyclopedia, large Persian dictionary, has been simultaneously published according to collected data in three sizes.

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Institute of Archaeology


Aiming the promotion of academic, professional and scientific research of Iranian archaeology, FLH constituted the Institute of Archaeology in 1959 to lead and perform field researches besides its educational duties.  The Safavid Caravansary of Mohammad Abad, Qazvin, was chosen as its base since 1969. Several excavations have being held in aforesaid plain every year through a close collaboration between the Institute and the department of Archaeology. It has also cooperated with other organizations in many important excavations and valuable archaeological surveys.

Its activities cover following sections:

  • Pre-historic archeology of Iran,
  • Historical archeology of Iran
  • archeology of Islamic period  of Iran,


The Institute has an independent rich library that includes a collection of books belonging to the late Dr. Mahmoud Afshar, the late Dr. Salehi and specialized books on archaology. Holding academic lectures and publishing research articles and establishing contacts with research centers in other countries are some of the activities of this Institue.


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