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Department of Ancient Culture and Languages (ACL)
ACL department records date back to 1964, when the department of Linguistics and Ancient Languages was established as one of the FLH departments.  Since then, ACL has been admitting students at two levels of MA and Ph.D. programs. 
The ACL's activities are focused on the following topics: 
study of Iranian ancient and middle languages:
a. Ancient languages and Avestan language 
b. Ancient Persian (Sanskrit language is also being taught to get better understanding of these two languages) 
Middle Iranian languages, Middle Persian, Parthian and Sogdian are also being taught in ACL.  Teaching Pahlavi language, Iranian mythology, applying new methods in teaching ancient and middle Iranian languages through experiencing standard and basic researches on them are among the main activities of ACL.
Study of Iranian religions : Teaching ancient and middle languages has a close association with the acquisition of necessary abilities to interpret texts and having comment on them.  All these would be achieved through using the old and new hermeneutic methods in interpreting the Zoroastrian and Manichean texts to get a proper understanding of their meanings and to find the real lines of Iranian religious ideas.  Additionally, Gnosticism (specially Manichaean religion), the mysteries related to spiritual Zurvanism, and their ideas (as compared with Vedism [Vedic religion] and post-Vedism) are all subjects of studies being held in ACL
Discussions related to the history of Persian language and historical grammar as well as Persian etymology  
Study of the socio-political history of pre-Islam period of Iran


Head OF Department : Dr M Jafari Dehaghi








Ali Shahidi Assistant Prof.


Azhideh Moqaddam

Assistant Prof.


Hassan Rezai Baghbidi



Mahmoud Jafari _ Dehaghi



Seyed ahmad Reza Qaemmaqami

Assistant Prof.




Tel : +982166950930
 Email :

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