A Brief History of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities (FLH)


As the oldest faculty in the Persian-speaking world, the faculty of Literature and Humanities(FLH) is a unique and historic institution. There is no clear date of foundation, but its activities date at least go back to 1928, and was developed rapidly from 1934, when the act of institution of University of Tehran was approved in Iran's national parliament. It was one of the six faculties were envisaged and reiterated in the law approved by Iranian National Parliament to institute the University of Tehran. In October 1937, a program was developed in FLH to grant doctorate degree in Persian literature. In November of the same year, for the first time, the "Persian Language and Culture" course was developed in FLH to be granted to foreign students. The responsibility of publishing the most famous and authentic Persian encyclopedia, firstly compiled by Aliakbar Dehkhoda, the Iranian well-known poet and author of 20th century, was assigned to FLH in November 1956 and led to the institution of  "Loghatnameye Dehkhoda. FLH has also had a very profound effect on propagation of Iranian and Islamic culture all over the world. Its Research-Scientific Quarterly, as the oldest scientific journal of the university has being published since 1953. It is being presently published in form of following specialized journals: 
* Journal of Language Researches 
*Journal of Persian Literature 
*Journal of Philosophy 
*Journal of Archeological Studies
*Journal of Researches on Historical Sciences  
*Journal of Arabic Literature 
* Journal of Iranology (Iranian Studies) 
* Research Letter of Literary Criticism and Rhetoric