Department of Iranology 
Iranian land has always been the subject of study for the students and Iranologists from all over the world due to its historical, cultural and literary attractions.  From Herodotus reports of ancient period up to several travelers' reports of the Islamic period, all indicate the efforts and researches have been conducted in line with these objectives.  The subject of Iranology is to study various dimensions of Iranian history, culture, language and literature from the oldest up to the modern period. 
FLH's department of Iranology presents courses in two trends of Ancient and Contemporary Iran.  The courses of Iranian contemporary history, literature and arts, and ancient and middle Iranian Lanagues such as Ancient Persian, Avestan, Pahlavi and History and Culture of Ancient Iran are being studied and taught in these two trends. 
- Familiarity with Persian language (a certificate from one of the authentic institutes of Persian language teaching is mandatory). 
- Previous familiarity with history, Arabic language and the principles of linguistics will be useful. 
 Courses Outlines 
Students of this field study following general courses in the first semester: 
Hisotory of Iran, 
History of Persian Language, 
History of Iranian Literature and principles of Iranology. 
The courses related to different trends would be offered in second semester. 
list of the courses: 
Course Title: 
History of Iran 1
History of Literature 1
History of Iranian Languages 
History of Iran 2
History of Iranian Science ( History of Literature 2)
General Issues of Iranology (1)
General Issues of Iranology (2)
Research Methodology 
Bibliography and Reference
Areas of Iranology ( Schools, Attitudes and Methods)
Specific Topics 
Iranian World and Present Iran 
Generalities of Historical Sociology of Iran 
Archaeology and Study the Inscription Texts 
Study and Criticism of Iranology Schools 
Historical Geography
History of Iranian Art 
Contemporary Literature 
Identification and Study of Documents and Inscriptions 
History of Iran based on National Traditions 
The students are required to propose the topic of their thesis by consulting the respective professsors from the second semester on. 
The Application of Iranology Fields of Study 
The graduates of this field may be employed in the areas of journalism, political services, teaching at universiteis, serving as translators in muesums and working in libraries.